Diagnosing illness by dream metaphor

September 10, 2016

During the night I had a long series of dreams/visions that I think were about this body. In retrospect I wish I had my notes as I went along, because I woke up often during the night, maybe 8-10 times. Before that, some of the visions started before I fell asleep.

The first of two things I remember most clearly goes like this: imagine a small stream or creek running. Then imagine that for some reason someone has built a home over the top of that creek, from one side of the creek to the other, so the fluid runs underneath the home (like a bridge).

Now imagine that some sort of friendly creatures lives in that home, something like a bunch of cute bunny rabbits. However, there’s something wrong with these rabbits. While they look cute, they act strange and aggressively. They also work like sucker fish, where they hang from the home by sucking on the home, with their bodies dangly from the point where they are connected to the home by this sucking. In summary, whatever these creatures are, they look friendly at first glance, but if you look harder you’ll see that they are bad news.

Next, imagine some creatures that truly are good. In my case I have known plenty of good dogs, so I saw these dogs. At first everything was okay, but then I saw that these dogs were being poisoned, or getting too close to poison. I don’t know if the poison was being produced by the sucker fish creatures, because in some cases I was putting out this poison (possibly to kill the sucker fish), but I had to constantly work to keep the dogs away from the poison, and in a few cases the dogs got into the poison before I could stop them.

(Update: I remembered two more things about this. First, part of what I was doing was trying to fix some seals that weren’t working properly, such as by pouring something in those seals. Second, it may have been that what I was pouring in those seals was intended to be a poison, or something that was poisonous as a side effect.)

While I rushed through those descriptions, I think the sucker fish are supposed to represent whatever is wrong in my body. The stream represents my blood stream, and these sucker fish have built some sort of home on the blood stream, and are presumably feeding off of it.

My guess is that the dogs represent something like the white blood cells. But that’s only a guess, and it’s based on finding out yesterday that I now have a low white blood cell count.

There were many more parts to this all-night dream/vision sequence, but unfortunately I can’t remember everything else. The sequence ended with some interaction with my wife’s family and friends, but I can’t make heads or tails about what that was about. I will say that part of it included my wife’s grandmother, who passed away about 15 years ago. When we were with her I was having a horribly difficult time staying awake, so I curled up on a couch with a blanket pulled up over my head, and she gave me some grief for my behavior, but I was too tired (and perhaps weak) to do much about it.

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