A six hour lesson on attachment and impermanence

October 31, 2016

I spent six consecutive hours in the holodeck this morning, a personal record. I just hung out there trying to learn whatever it is that the universe wants to teach me. This morning’s lesson was on attachment and impermanence, and was taught with humor, irony, and metaphor.

The short story is that many years ago, back in high school, there was a girl named Sharon that I really liked. Recently I met a woman (HM) who reminds me of Sharon, and that got me to thinking about her again yesterday. This morning in the holodeck I saw various versions of this woman, generally showing me different versions of her as she rapidly aged, and in other cases where she became very sick and/or disfigured.

The message over and over again was nothing specifically about her, but about how I would react to each scene, kinda like, “You think you love her, how about now? How about now?”

I don’t want to get into any more specifics of the lesson, but that was the key part of it. If you can imagine someone you love or are infatuated with, and then you get to rapidly see their bodies age (and decay), that’s what was happening, over and over, presumably to make attachment and impermanence very personal to me.


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