Thriller night and wormholes

November 25, 2016

Note 1: Almost immediately upon laying down last night I felt the vibrations. They came quickly, passed quickly, and whoosh, I was out of the body. I rapidly lost control, but it was great just to feel the vibrations again.

Note 2: About 1:30pm today I got extremely tired and decided to lay down. I thought something might happen immediately, but I woke up twice, and ... nothing. I went to the bathroom, laid back in bed, and then the adventures began.

Some painters were making noise outside, which I originally thought would add some spice/fear/anxiety to my efforts, and sure enough, I was eventually able to sit on that toggle line (border) between being awake and asleep — being here and there — and I went back and forth many times with ease. The painters were in both worlds, and in the other world a woman kept yelling at them because she thought they were screwing something up.

I kept trying to force the alternate version of myself to stay in this realm — i.e., what you know as the physical universe, the Earth you wake up to every day — but I didn’t have enough energy to do that well. I could get out of bed, move over to my desk, and listen to the painters (and the woman). I tried to look on the desk to find something that I could use to confirm that I was in this physical realm, but the things I saw didn’t match up to what I knew was on my desk in the physical world.

In the last effort I woke up a little, made sure things were still okay here, then relaxed and went across the border to the other world, got out of that bed, went out the back door onto the deck, and tried to find the painters. Even though they don’t speak English on Earth, I thought it would be interesting to try to talk to them in that realm. But as I would soon find out, in this world and that world they had moved down to my left about 50-100 feet.

A stable wormhole

If you’re having a hard time understanding what I’m writing, if you know a little about science (and science fiction), imagine a stable wormhole. On this side of the wormhole you’re on Earth, but if you go through the wormhole you end up somewhere else, and because the wormhole is stable you always go to the same place (and come back to the same place). Going across my border (toggle line) is the same as this.

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