A really odd feeling

February 15, 2017

Once upon a time – about ten years ago to be exact – after having a spontaneous OBE, I found myself in an unusual situation. As near as I can figure out, something went wrong during the reentry process and I found “myself” (also known as my soul, astral body, energy body, consciousness, or awareness) laying in bed next to my physical body. “I” was on the left and the body was to my right, and we were both laying on our backs, with our heads at the top of the bed and our feet at the bottom (or at least I felt like that was my orientation).

As we laid there, “I” (my consciousness) was trying to figure out how to get back into the physical body. I had never missed a reentry before, so this was new to me. The body was breathing, so I knew it wasn’t dead. I tried to “reconnect” with it (like in the movie Just Like Heaven), but that just wasn’t happening.

With nothing else to do, I started to pay more attention to the body, especially noticing its breathing. And then what I observed was even weirder than my predicament: the *physical body* wasn’t breathing; rather, it was as though *the universe was breathing the body*.

This was a really odd feeling.

I imagined that if the body was in the hospital on a life support system with air being forced into it, it was just like that, except that “I” was somehow aware that the universe was breathing the body.

In times before this (when body and consciousness were one) I always felt like I was the one doing the breathing, but as we laid next to each other I was definitely not the one doing the breathing. I really had nothing to do with the body, other than the fact that we happened to be laying next to each other.

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