Strange happenings in the lucid dream state

March 14, 2017

There’s a weird thing that often happens in lucid dreams that goes like this ...

You start off in the dark, you were asleep. And then you’re in a lucid dream, a holodeck-like environment. The environment can be exactly the same as the place you live in, or it might be a little different.

In the case of last night, I was in my kitchen and listening to some music. It was a melancholy song that I had never heard of, and I realized that I liked it and I wanted to remember the lyrics when I woke up. So a part of me knew that I was asleep, and that I wanted to remember the lyrics when I woke up — that’s the weird part. (Another weird part is that original music is playing in your dreams.)

With that thought I started looking around and found a pencil to write with. After that I couldn’t find something to write on — this is a second weird part. I found a scrap of paper, and for some reason that wouldn’t work, maybe there was too much writing on it already. Then I found another piece of paper, but again it wouldn’t work for some reason. This went on for a while until I finally found a piece of paper that would work, and then I tore it while trying to write on it.

At this point a second song started playing. This second was completely different, a heavy metal song that I had never heard before. I had no interest in writing down the lyrics, but when I walked around the apartment I came to a place where an old radio I used to have was connected to some speakers, and that’s where the song was coming from.

This scared me quite a bit — the third thing I want to note here. While previously I knew that I was asleep and dreaming, at this point I had lost any perspective and was lost in the environment. Seeing the radio and speakers injected me with a tremendous amount of fear, irrational fear. This fear quickly kicked me out of this environment, and I woke up.

Strange things in the lucid dream state

So there were at least three weird things in this lucid dream state:

I’m sure there are other unusual things about this sort of lucid dream state, but those are the things that come to mind at this time.

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