Taking off her wedding ring

April 29, 2017

Two days ago I was talking to a woman I’ve known casually for about a year. We’ve been getting along great, and I really like her. When I told her I wanted to go to a particular event nearby she made a motion to start taking off her wedding ring, and said maybe she could go with me.

I’m just a little out of practice at any sort of dating thing, so the first thing I need to say is that I had never noticed that she was married. We’ve always just talked like old buddies, so that was a surprise.

A few years ago that wouldn’t have bothered me in the least, it’s her decision, right? As a friend once said to me, “How do you know she’s happily married? Maybe you’re doing her a favor.”

But this time I kind of stumbled at this point, not sure of what I wanted to do. Fortunately for me, we were interrupted, so I didn’t have to say anything more.

I know this will come up again in the future and I’ll have to deal with it then, but for today my “note to self” is wow, I haven’t been in that situation for a while, I’m really rusty, and it freaked me out a little bit. I think most of all I realized I would be messing with the lives of several people, and that wasn’t a good feeling.

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