When you see people die in dreams/visions

May 28, 2017

A sad part of what I experience is that I haven’t had a relative die in almost twenty years who didn’t die without me knowing it first. The only positive things about seeing death beforehand are, (a) you get to see a place that was important to them, and (b) you can occasionally stop a preventable death.

Visions of death happen in a place that’s important to the person who is about to die

When I say that you get to see a place that’s important to the person who’s about to die, I mean that that’s where the vision of death typically appears.

An example of this is that a few days before my grandfather-in-law died, I had a dream/vision where he and I were on the last hole of a golf course, and then he turned to me and either said, “It’s time to go,” or, “I have to go.” (I don’t remember his exact words, but they were like that, “I have to go.”) Then he turned away from me, walked off the green, and faded away. Golf was one of his joys before he got too old to be able to play any more, and presumably this is why this discussion/vision happened on a golf course.

A second example of this is my mother’s aunt. I saw her die on a bus shortly before she passed away. She didn’t actually die that way, but that’s how I saw her. She lived and worked in Chicago, and got around on buses and trains, so I assume that this was how either she or I dealt with this.

UPDATE: I spoke to one of my sisters on November 10, 2018, and as we were talking about old pictures she told me that this aunt did indeed die on a bus. (She had a heart attack.)

There are several more examples of this, but that’s the general idea.

Stopping a preventable death

On two occasions in the last twenty years or so I have seen deaths that were preventable. Unfortunately I misread the signs in March of this year, so I wasn’t able to help that person. Because of what I saw, I assumed that my aunt was going to die, but it turned out that her granddaughter overdosed on heroin the next day. My aunt had terminal cancer, so I mistakenly assumed that the dream was about her.

In the other case I was able to help stop a death that didn’t have to happen. It started when I saw my father-in-law pass out. I thought that was a strange vision because he seemed healthy, but then he did pass out, at least two times, with one of the times being exactly as I saw it.

A few months later I clearly saw him die. From what I knew about the situation, the death was preventable, so I tried to figure out what to do. Should I interfere? After thinking about it on and off for a few hours I decided that yes, I should interfere. Just because I saw him die didn’t mean that he had to.

My wife isn’t/wasn’t a big believer in these things, but I found some way of telling her about this. I don’t think she believed me, but I know that she made at least one extra phone call to him, and I believe that helped change the course of events. A week later everything I saw in the dream/vision happened exactly as I saw it, with the lone exception being that he didn’t die.

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