Wondering if it’s best to say nothing

July 29, 2017

After seeing a motivational image a few days ago, I’ve been debating about whether I should write any more about the “special experiences” people can have when they go deep into meditation and yoga. Specifically, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should just do what others do and say, “Oh, yes, meditation and yoga can be very good for your health, give them a try.”

I originally began writing about these things because I felt like they were hidden from the general public, that most advanced practitioners knew about them, but for some reason they weren’t supposed to be discussed publicly. These days you can learn about such things more easily, but still only if you happen to know which books to read, or which words to search for. I also thought they might be some good, “Free your mind” stories, like, “Hey, I can do these things, and you can, too.”

I know that some of the things I’ve written about here are hard to believe, because believe me, they’re hard enough to believe when they happen to you. The first time something happens, or even the first few times, it’s easy to shake your head and wonder what the heck that was, and write it off as being unreal, some sort of dream. All I can say is that if you’re willing to invest the time in meditation and/or yoga, these things can happen to you as well.

On the other hand, the case for not writing about these things is that if I had never had an experience like these, and someone else was writing about them, it would be easy to dismiss them as crazy. Therefore I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s best not to say anything, and to just be there for people who have questions when things happen to them, like my yoga teacher was for me. (Many years ago I told her about my OBEs, and she mentioned “Kundalini yoga.”) Or maybe I should wrap them in little “Life of Pi” stories so people can be entertained, and also get a glimpse of what I’m alluding to, if they happen to be in the ripe state of mind.

Dunno, just some late night thoughts.

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