A brief visit with my wife’s grandmother

September 4, 2017

Due to the high doses of necessary medications I’ve been taking, I haven’t had many interesting lucid dreams or vision-like things recently, but last night I had a brief vision.

For some reason I was looking out the window of the first home I ever bought, and as I was doing so, my wife’s grandmother appeared and began walking across the front lawn towards the window. I was lucid at this point, and asked how she was doing — she passed away almost 20 years ago — and she said something like, “fine” (I don’t remember her exact words.)

She was with a dog, and I asked the dog’s name, and she said, “Louie.” The dog was nice, and jumped up to the window. It was black and brown like a rottweiler, but when I asked what kind of dog it was, she said it was a “setter spaniel.” I didn’t think that was right, but you never know what’s going on in dreams/visions, especially once you start thinking too much.

After that she walked around the house to my right, and I didn’t see her any more. Everything after that was useless, as I was definitely thinking too much.

Note: This happened after working late into the evening, but also taking 30+ minutes to calm down and relax before going to bed. I did this by reading a Ram Dass book called “One-Liners.”

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