Wiped out by abdominal surgery

September 10, 2017

I got my butt kicked this morning. I went to bed late, got up at 7:30am, decided I needed a little more sleep, then woke up in a hospital after a surgery.

Long story short, I had some sort of surgery on my abdomen, and the recovery from that surgery was miserable and exhausting. By the time I woke up in my own bed I could barely move from the exhaustion.

After a long time I finally dragged myself out of the bed, and when I got myself to the bathroom mirror my eyes were bloodshot red, the area underneath both eyes was green, and darker circles under that area made me look like a big, ugly raccoon that had been punched in both eyes.

There’s nothing else I want to add here, other than the fact that I had to get some things done today, and that’s hard to do when you start the morning exhausted.

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