Once again, light switches don’t work in the lucid dream state

December 29, 2017

For a little while last night I was walking around the apartment, doing things, and generally thinking I was awake. Then when I went into the bathroom and flipped on the light switch and the lights didn’t come on, I knew I was asleep. I don’t know why light switches don’t work in this state, but I hope to find out one day. (It used to freak me out, but these days I just think, “Oh, crap, I’m asleep.”)

A funny thing about this state is that I don’t mind doing programming and writing work. Since it’s just like being awake, it’s not really lost time. It’s more like I can use this time to get the first draft out of the way, and then I can work on the second version when I’m really awake. But when you think you’re cleaning the kitchen and you’re really not ... that’s a bit of a disappointment.

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