Surprised I didn’t die

January 27, 2018

Pretty much thought I died this past Wednesday night (January 24, 2018). For some reason my heart has been pounding hard lately, especially at night. Wednesday night it was pounding very hard, then I had extremely severe chest pain, and I just tried to hold on, paying attention to each moment.

The pain got severe, then it suddenly stopped, and I figured I was dead, and this was the last moments of consciousness, or maybe I was heading towards the Bardo, or something else. Then I realized that by focusing very intently I started an OBE.

Somehow or another I figured out that I wasn’t dead ... I think I woke up, found that my body was still in bed, and then I fell back asleep again, or else I passed out, I really don’t know.

The next morning I felt better, but the heart-pounding is still an on-and-off issue.

I guess I’ll add that to the “I thought I was going to die” or “Surprised I didn’t die” lists.

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