A little flying and running into Marty (lucid dream)

November 25, 2018

In a dream last night I became a little lucid. I was outside somewhere – in the dream I felt like I knew where I was, but awake I can’t recall it – and I decided to walk towards a main road. I took a few steps toward the road, and I can recall that there was grass all around me and there were many trees along both sides of the road. I felt the urge to fly, so I turned to my right, leaned forward and jumped into the flying process.

I was just barely flying over the top of the grass, and the grass was brushing against me, and I told myself that I had to get higher. I tried, but I couldn’t get much higher, though I did get up a little bit so the grass wasn’t brushing against me any more. At one point I looked up and saw telephone or electric poles and their wires above me, and I thought I should be careful of them, but I just couldn’t get any higher. Things like sex and alcohol always reduce my nighttime energy, and I seemed to be paying the price right now.

I flew for a while, then saw that I was rapidly closing in on a chain-link fence that had a little barbed wire on top. I made a last ditch effort to fly above it, but I couldn’t, and I crash-landed into it. When I stood up after the crash I found myself in a back yard behind some sort of building, and the fence was all around me on all sides. I thought about climbing out but again I noticed a little barbed wire at the top.

As I started to walk around the fenced-in area I noticed a man outside the fence, and he yells something at me like “Go away” or “Get out of here.” I can’t remember the exact words now, but it was something like that. I notice that he’s a little heavy, and and he’s wearing a white dress shirt that’s a little too large for him and it’s coming untucked a little bit, a little puffy in the back. He runs away from me and into the building, though it’s not really running because he looks like he’s in some pain or discomfort as he tries to run. It ends up being more of a jog or fast walk.

I think it’s at this point, as he’s running, that I yell for the first time that I just want a Snickers bar. I have no idea where that thought comes from, I haven’t had a Snickers bar in at least ten or twenty years, but it comes blurting out.

As I walk towards the area where he was initially standing I see that the fence has been torn down in that area. Part of me thinks that I got in here somehow, so maybe I wrecked it on the way in, but a bigger part of me doesn’t care; I see that it’s a way out, and I take it.

I walk out through that area, but for some reason my mind tells me to go in the same direction the main went, into the building. It’s a large metal building, kind of a tin/metal building, like a small airport hanger. Once I get inside I see that a garage door is open in the front of the building, so I can walk out that way and get back to the main street. Trying to get my bearings, I’m thinking that if I go out that way I can cross the street and there should be a store in the downtown area where I can get a Snickers bar.

But once I’m inside the building I realize the man in the white shirt is my father-in-law’s friend, Marty. He asks where I came from, and I point in the general direction of the back area where I flew in from and say “From back that ways a little bit.” Marty seems suspicious of me, but I don’t want to tell him exactly where I came from for some reason. I tell him that I just want a Snickers bar. As I say that I still have no idea where that thought keeps coming from.

After talking to him briefly I proceed to walk out the front door of the building, and he walks with me. To my surprise he puts his arm around my shoulder like we’re old buddies, or like he’s my father, and we start to walk through the parking lot towards the main street. He says something to me as we’re walking, but I can’t remember it now. Unfortunately my body back in bed has gotten uncomfortable and I know that I’m going to have to leave in the next few seconds, and all I can do is say goodbye before I’m gone and back in bed. I notice that the time is 3:47 a.m.

Note: I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream about Marty before.

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