Meditating through the Anapana spot (like Stargate)

December 16, 2018

I had a good meditation going this morning. I was wide awake, and if there was any thought in my mind it would have been, “focus … focus … focus,” but even that wasn’t there, it was just intense meditation. Technically I was meditating on something called the Anapana Spot, but that’s a not a big deal, it’s just something to focus on. I could have been focusing on my breathing, a candle, or a mantra, but I don’t think that matters as much as the intensity of the meditation matters.

In the next instant “I” was out in a public place. It seemed to be a tourist place like the waterfront area in Key West (Mallory Square, I think), because it felt like most people were tourists, they weren’t in a hurry like business people. Wherever it was, people were moving from my right to my left, and they were in at least a mild rush to see whatever was going on to my left. They were all very close to me, and if I’d had a physical body, several of them would have brushed up against me. I stayed with this vision for a few seconds, and I could probably remember a few faces if I saw them again, but as soon as I thought, “This is cool,” I lost the scene and my awareness came back to my body and breathing. Indeed, I lost my focus for a little while after that because it was such a cool experience.

I have no idea what happens during events like these, but they’re great entertainment at the very least. I struggled with meditation for quite a while, but recently it feels like I broke through another barrier, kinda like a new level in a video game, and I get it, like, “Oh, this is what I’m supposed to be doing, this is how you play to get to the next level.” It feels like once you grok how to ride a bike you always know it, even if you haven’t ridden for years. And even if things like this are makyo (illusions) they’re great fun, far more interesting than going to see a movie.

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