First OBE attempt of 2019

February 17, 2019

As a brief note, my body attempted to have its first OBE of 2019 today, February 17, 2019. I was laying in a recliner, and had just finished a ten-minute Headspace meditation, followed by an hour-long meditation on my own. I fell asleep during my meditation, but woke back up somewhere around the 50-minute mark and was extremely peaceful and quiet.

As I laid there enjoying the meditative silence, the familiar feeling of attempting to leave my body started. It didn’t succeed — it failed with the usual stomach cramps — but the feeling of attempting to leave the body was very clear. I also saw several images during this time that partially made me think I might be dying, but they didn’t last long enough for me to understand them.

I should also note that I haven’t been doing anything special to conserve or channel my energy yet this year. I started doing some light yoga about a week ago, but that has been extremely light. For exercise I’ve been going fairly hard on an elliptical trainer and lifting some weights. I’ve been listening to some Monroe recordings, but didn’t listen to any this morning, though I fell asleep on the recliner last night listening to some.

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