Another vision of my own death

February 21, 2019

I went to a meeting last night, got home around 9pm, ate some junk food, had a couple glasses of alcohol (some scotch, to be specific), and eventually went to bed. After behaving badly like that I had no reason to expect anything to happen during the night.

Then early this morning I had a dream/vision that I was in the hospital and just got some medical news. I didn’t know what it meant, they were giving me medical terms about specific numbers and whatnot, but my wife and her sister were there with me and they were crying pretty hard.

I eventually learned that I had at least two lumps in my throat/neck, and I guess they were pretty bad. When the doctor finally explained it like that I said, “Oh, so that explains why it’s getting harder to breathe.” The two lumps were on opposite sides of the throat and near each other, so they were shrinking my airway. (I assume the lumps were some form of cancer, but I never did understand the detailed medical terms they were using.)

I tried to get out of this dream, but then it just happened all over again. This time my sister-in-law had a dark ring around her left eye, and I said that she kind of looked like the sick one, and she got upset with me and said that if I would just listen to what they were telling me she wouldn’t be so stressed out (or words to that effect).

There’s more to say, but it involves other people, so I’ll just leave it at that. At first I was upset to wake up after a bad dream like this, but eventually I decided that we all have to die one way or another, and as usual there’s work to be done here in the physical world, so after a couple of hours it’s barely in my mind any more.

A previous vision of my own death

If you’ve been here before, you may know that I wrote a few years ago about a different vision of my own death. As I noted after that, that vision inspired me to get off my deathbed and try to resolve the medical conditions that were clearly leading to that death. Eventually I was able to get past those medical conditions, so it was a major surprise to have another vision of my death this morning.

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